[X] is where TableTalk builds new projects and initiatives. We gather a team of creative, forward-thinking people who are devoted to bringing people together in new ways on Emory’s campus. The things we create are driven entirely by the ideas and energy of our members.

IMG_6187Some of our ongoing [X] projects include:


couchella banner

Couchella is our annual music and arts festival, showcasing Emory students’ talent. Located in the heart of campus in Asbury Circle, Couchella welcomes the entire Emory community to explore a visual art display, sit on comfortable couches and carpets, and enjoy performances by rappers, dance groups, improv comedy troupes, stand-up comedians, musicians, and singers.

Meeting of the Minds

motm relationships

This series of monthly dinner events brings together students and professors to address multifaceted, open-ended questions. Past events have addressed such questions as, “Are smartphones ruining our lives?” “Do we define ourselves by our groups?”, and “Why and how do we choose our relationships?” The result is honest, interdisciplinary, often personal conversation that reveals fundamental similarities and differences between people and groups.

Professors at Kaldi’s Getting Coffee

profs at kaldi's

In partnership with the IDEAS Fellowship, [X] created Professors at Kaldi’s Getting Coffee as a way for students to meet professors from different disciplines in an informal, coffee shop setting without the pressure of the classroom. Each week, we bring three dynamic professors to Kaldi’s in the DUC to hang out and chat (over free coffee) with any students who stop by.