Founded in 2013, TableTalk is a framework for conversation between people who would not interact under ordinary circumstances. It provides an accessible and intentional context for members of the Emory community to share their spaces, ideas, and identities.

The TableTalk platform operates as three campaigns:

  • TableTalks: Planned conversations between two disconnected groups, arranged through mutual selection.
  • CampusCouches: Setting up furniture around Emory and inviting all who want to engage in free and unstructured conversation.
  • TableTalk[X]: Our creative incubator, working to develop other campaigns, events, and programs that contribute to the culture of conversation.

Our Mission

We’ll know that TableTalk has worked when groups and individuals who usually have nothing to do with each other begin to have everything to do with each other. Our goal is a culture of conversation and honest exchange that follows us outside the classroom.